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Which hotels have truck or trailer parking?

Few hotels have parking lots that can accomodate large trucks and trailers. The easiest way to find hotels or motels that do have parking is to use Search for the area you want to park your vehicle and use the tools to find the hotel for you.

How can I confirm a hotel has enough space for my vehicle?

There are three ways: 1, read reviews of people who also parked there to see if they had any problems. 2, Look at a satellite view of the hotel's parking area to see if there are large parking spots or an open area nearby for truck parking. 3, Call the hotel and give them a description of what you're hauling and they will tell you if they can take it.

What kind of hotel is more likely to have truck parking?

While any hotel can have a parking lot for trucks and trailers, the most likely ones are the cheaper hotels and motels immediately off the interstate. Or next to truck stops. The further the hotel is from a major city the more likely they will have a larger parking lot.

Do I have to pay extra for trailer parking at hotels?

Most hotels will not charge you any extra money if you need to take up more parking space. The exceptions are hotels closer to city centers where parking is at a premium. If you have to take up multiple spots that paying customers would want to use, you might be charged a fee. Or worse case towed. Make sure you communicate to the hotel your parking needs before you sleep.

Where are the best places for a truck to park?

A hotel's parking lot might not always be the only place you can park. Many hotels are near light traffic industrial areas with wide streets that provide plenty of parking if permitted. Specific truck stop hotels will have a large unpaved area near the hotel which provides room for semi-trucks to park. Sometimes you can even park at another business nearby that has a better parking situation. But make sure you are allowed to park there. Stores like Wal-Mart are often generous with loaning their parking lark for large vehicles.

How to improve my chances of finding a hotel with truck parking?

The best way to find a hotel with truck or trailer parking is to search here on We'll give you a list of hotels with reviews and satellite images to help you find one with a good parking lot. Also try traveling during the week when hotels may be less busy with tourists. Many hotels during their off season or at non-peak times will have parking lots big enough to handle large trucks and trailers.